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I can be cool

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[Nov. 1st, 2004|09:00 pm]
I can be cool

General/Weird stuff
Name: Sara
Nick names: Sars, peggy sue
If you were a penguin what would your name be?: Julio (hool-ee-o)
If you were an alien, what planet would you be from?: One with stable living conditions...derr
Where are you actually from?: Everett, mass
What are you wearing?: Pajama pants and my famous stars and straps shirt
Have you ever worn overalls?: Definately, when I was younger
If you said no to the previous question, why? If you said yes to the previous question, write us a pretty story: Once a upon a time there was a worn out single mother, who decided to dress her second born in rediculous outfits to amuse herself and the neighbors, one of these atrocities being oshbigosh overalls.

Just curious
Why did you decide to join mommy_wow?: I'm looking for new communities.
Do you understand the concept of the name, mommy_wow?: Yes, it's from the commercial. Cleverness...yeah, I get that.

Stuff you like
What type of music do you like?: I like a lot of different styles. See below mentioned.
Name some bands/artists you listen to: david bowie, queen, jets to brazil, saves the day, pretty girls make graves, the smiths, brand new, lisa loeb, scarling, nirvana, weezer, blodnie, the moldy peaches, etc
Name some bands/artists that you think suck, and are over rated: taking back sunday, ashlee simpson, coheed and cambria, modest mouse, starylight run, blink182, slipknot
Give us some good song lyrics that you like:
"There's some people I could name, but it's not the time or place to; split hairs with the guys downstairs. They'll get their fare share. I'm sure, the frequency is gonna take us there. And the city kids, the angry with-it kids, hate everything the first time. It's incredible, the kind of chemicals knocking around in my mind. In the winter of my night I found a desperate kind of light, and nothing comes without a fight." -the frequency by jets to brazil

What's a song that describes you? (post the lyrics, cause chances are I haven't heard it):

I live in a hotel i must keep writing
if i'm to be better than everyone else
like figure skating
like asphyxiating
on your own seeping fumes
you're just waiting
living in a hotel but i'm not travelling
between two points, in mid-air, i'm levitating above the earth beneath the sky
with eyes like static
in my three feet
from bed to wall
sleeps a genius
leave me here to my devices
the call could come at any time
they're playing love songs on the radio tonight
i can't relate to that right now
note to self: noone cares. your voice is average
in worried piles, i typed for miles; you just stood there
i will begin
i will put right
this morning terror
i have been kissed
between the ears
with human error
leave me here to my devices
i need a word to change my life
i've tied my ankles to the table legs with wire
he can't write so much as type
leave me here to my devices
i can't think with all this noise
they're playing love songs on your radio tonight
i don't get those songs on mine
you keep fucking up my life

I typed for miles By Jets to brazil ^

Politics and shit
What is your opinion on...
Gay marriage: I think it's still love all the same. And I think it's bullshit when people act like gay marrige somehow tarnishes or lessens the meaning of their marrige, I think anyone who is that insecure shouldn't be proclaiming their opinions so boldly.
Abortion: I think regardless, it should always be a woman's option, not a politician's. I dont think my personal beliefs should affect whether some one I've never met can or can not get an abortion. It's not about any one single person's beliefs. How about this...dont believe in abortion? That's great. Guess what? You dont have to have an abortion!
War: I think war is petty and lazy, in most cases. This currect war we're in I think is absolutely one sided and rediculous. This is yet another example of people only thinking of how this war affects themselves and people like themselves.
George Bush: I dont agree with his political or moral beliefs. I think he's definately a one term president, just like his father. To say anything more would be redundant and tiresome.
Drugs: My family has had a bad history with drugs. Every memeber or my immediate family including my both my stepdad's are recovering drug/alcoholics addicts. I've been going to AA/NA meetings since I was out of the womb, and after the stuff I've seen I really have no urge to even bother with drugs.

You're purdy
Show us a picture? (if you don't have one that's okay):

(Keep in mind these are webcam pictures, and the quality is awful)

And finally...
Why exactly should we accept you? Hmmmmm? Because all the other communities I'm in are now dormant, and I grow bored of actually reading my friend's journals.

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