Mommy, wow!

I'm a cool kid now

I can be cool
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Mommy, wow! I'm a cool kid now.
Thank you bronzegoddess, for the adorable icon!

We aren't just your avearge, shallow, rating community.

Well, only a little bit.

There aren't many rules except:
Don't post anything (other than your survey) until you've been accepted.
You can't rate other people until you've been accepted.
When posting the survey, please use an lj cut. If you don't know how, it's this: < lj - cut > *without the spaces*

General/Weird stuff
Nick names:
If you were a penguin what would your name be?:
If you were an alien, what planet would you be from?:
Where are you actually from?:
What are you wearing?:
Have you ever worn overalls?:
If you said no to the previous question, why? If you said yes to the previous question, write us a pretty story:

Just curious
Why did you decide to join mommy_wow?:
Do you understand the concept of the name, mommy_wow?:

Stuff you like
What type of music do you like?:
Name some bands/artists you listen to:
Name some bands/artists that you think suck, and are over rated:
Give us some good song lyrics that you like:
What's a song that describes you? (post the lyrics, cause chances are I haven't heard it):

Politics and shit
What is your opinion on...
Gay marriage:
George Bush:

You're purdy
Show us a picture? (if you don't have one that's okay):

And finally...
Why exactly should we accept you? Hmmmmm?

Thank you! And remember to tell your mom: Mommy, wow! I'M A FREAKIN COOL KID NOW!!!!